Tokenomics System

The Tokenomic system includes various incentives for participants in the green power ecosystem, contribution incentives for all participants, data procurement, ecosystem investment, staking incentives and so on.

User Incentives: Consumers and users will receive GPU tokens as rewards based on their usage amount, frequency, task sharing, and other relevant factors. These GPU tokens can be used to offset users’ consumption. Web3 users will receive GPTT points as rewards for free tasks sharing, etc.

Contribution Incentives: We will reward participants in the ecosystem based on their contributions across several dimensions, including social promotion, importance, pioneering index, scale, and overall contribution. Participants will receive GPU token and GPN airdrops as rewards for their contributions.

Data Procurement: Brands that require data procurement, advertising push, or brand customization services will need to pay GPN.

Ecosystem Investment: Users can participate in the investment of various devices or packaged business scenarios in the ecosystem by purchasing and staking NFTs (ss a digital collection and financing tool). NFTs will enable users to obtain the ecosystem token GPT which can be used for NFT development.

Device Investment: Users can invest in and trade device NFTs representing device ownership and revenue sharing.

Staking Incentive:Users can earn P% of the GreenPower Protocol income by staking GPN.

Calculation Rules for Staking Incentives: After a user stakes GPN, the number of StGPN will be calculated based on the number and time of staking. The staking incentive will be based on the final number of StGPN.

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