Performance Evaluation

Based on mature business models and machine learning, intelligent protocols are used to assist all participants in the ecosystem to conduct open and transparent performance evaluation, ensuring a healthy development of the ecosystem.

Devices/business evaluation will be based on the following methods and parameters:

A. Daily online rate of devices managed by specific agents/salespeople/areas

B. Daily transaction frequency of devices managed by specific agents/salespeople/areas

C. Daily transaction amount of of devices managed by specific agents/salespeople/areas

D. Daily/weekly loss rate of of devices managed by specific agents/salespeople/areas

E. Transaction amount and asset value ratio of of devices managed by specific agents/salespeople/areas

F. Service efficiency of agents/salespeople (measured by the number of qualified devices per capita)

G. Proportion of low-efficiency operating of devices managed by specific agents/salespeople/areas

H. Network effect parameters for devices in specific locations or areas.

Product Matrix:

To accelerate the construction of the GreenPower ecosystem, GreenPower Network has launched two pilot projects: "Light-Up Africa" and "Power-Up Southeast Asia". We have also developed and launched a GPN product matrix to help Web2/3 users and ecosystem participants invest in green energy, storing digital assets, and tokenizing contributions.

GPN App:

The core functions are “Charge to Earn” and “Recharging”. Web3 users can obtain GPTT points by charging and uploading charging devices, thus enhancing the advertising value of data contribution nodes. Users can also obtain staking income through different gameplays in this application after purchasing NFT.

GPN H5 (To Consumers):

It supports users to pay by local fiat or digital assets, scan QR codes to rent power banks, obtain GPU token rewards through usage, and supports one-click wallet account creation and conversion to GPN.

After the version upgrade, GreenPower Network will support a wider range of green energy devices, including battery swapping stations for two-wheel and three-wheel electric vehicles, charging piles for two/three/four-wheel electric vehicles, household energy storage devices, industrial and commercial energy storage devices, as well as various forms of power generation devices such as solar, wind, and hydro.

GPN H5 (To Business and Enterprises):

It supports all ecosystem participants to log in, manage and monitor their hardware such as sharing power banks, supports employee management and remote maintenance, and enables regular digital asset distribution and withdrawal. It automatically rewards GPU tokens according to the achievement of evaluation goals.

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