Payment, Distribution and Settlement System

GreenPower Network enhances efficiency and lowers costs by leveraging digital asset payments and settlements.

  • For C-end (Consumers), we provide support for fiat pricing, seamless fiat payments, or digital asset payments for energy services offered by connected devices.

  • Real-time settlements are conducted in the form of digital stablecoin following fiat or digital asset payments.

  • For B-end (Business), the distribution of real economic income among all participants takes place in digital stablecoin.

  • The distribution method and proportion are determined by a predetermined smart contract, considering verified on-chain energy consumption and transaction data. This automated process ensures accurate pairing and distribution.

  • Digital stablecoin serves as the pricing unit for settlements.

Income Distribution For All Participants (Each proportion will be dynamically adjusted based on devices, market conditions, and business scenarios.)

Note: The share ratios and parameters for the participants mentioned above may be adjusted accordingly based on product lines and geographical regions.

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