Q2, 2022

Strategic hardware partnership with Immotor

Q3, 2022

GreenPower Protocol 1.0: digital identities binding power devices

Q4, 2022

Samples of small power hardwares

Q1, 2023

GPN App1.0: Tokenize contributions for GreenPower Ecosystem

Q2, 2023

Our South African partner launches the first battery swap system for two-wheelers in Africa. First sample of devices will be implemented the test and supports connecting to GPN system

GreenPower Protocol 2.0: Digital asset payment, distribution and settlement system; pilot project of sharing power banks in Southeast Asia

Q3, 2023

Battery swap system for two/three-wheelers and home energy storage in operation in South Africa and West Africa

Q4, 2023

Open for collaboration with global green energy brands; one-stop IaaS


Green power digital economy roll-out; distributed power network benefiting millions of population

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