GPN, represented by the symbol "GPN," is both the protocol token and governance token of GreenPower Network. This token is distributed as a reward to participants and contributors who maintain GreenPower Network and can also be utilized for paying the costs of variousGreenPower Network business sectors.

The maximum supply of GPN is 10,000,000,000 (10 billion), and it will be distributed to contributors in accordance with the progress of ecosystem building.

GPN is a token that derives its value from both real economic benefits and Web3 economic benefits.

GreenPower Network will receive 10% of the digital stablecoin income generated by the Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of the real economy, and a portion of this income will be used for GPN repurchase and destruction, as well as GPN pledge incentives.

In addition, GPN is required as a gas fee in various scenarios throughout the GreenPower Network ecosystem, including payment scenarios for each link, NFT upgrade and wrap, NFT release and transaction scenarios.


GPU is the reward token that GreenPower's ecosystem users get after participating in real economic transactions. The token can be directly used to pay for device services or converted into GPN.


GPTT is the point of GreenPower Network applied in Web3 virtual scenarios. It is designed to incentivize users to engage in free tasks in Web3. GPTT can be converted into GPT.


GPT is the NFT-Fi token, designed for NFT rewards and consumption. GreenPower Network will receive 10% of the digital stablecoin income generated from the Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) of the real economy. Part of this income will be allocated towards the repurchase and destruction of GPN tokens.


In GreenPower Network, NFTs represent identity and ownership rights. Users can stake their NFTs to earn GPT as a reward, and then use their GPT to participate in NFT development, such as upgrade and wrap.

When an NFT is upgraded to a certain level, you may receive GPN rewards through staking or other methods.

GID: GreenPower ID (GID) is a decentralized and non-transferable Soul-Bound Token (SBT) , serving as a unique decentralized identity for global users to participate in GreenPower Network. Users are granted access to Charge to Earn by GID and can earn green power points for helping to develop the GreenPower ecosystem.

Avatar NFT is a humanoid NFT series, through which users can participate in the GreenPower Ecosystem more deeply, and obtain token and hardware revenue sharing, etc.

Device NFTs can also represent the revenue generated by specific energy devices, providing a basis for fundraising for energy devices in the primary market and transactions in the secondary market.

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Check-in Rewards

Quizzes Rewards

Referral Rewards

Charge to Earn Rewards

Other Free Tasks Rewards

Rent and Use Green Power Devices Rewards

Contribution Rewards for Participants in the Ecosystem

Create a GreenPower Tribe Rewards

Staking to earn trading fee discount

Shares for Staking to Earn Protocol Income

Energy Store Equipment

√ (optional)

NFT Mint

√ (optional)

NFT Equipment

√ (optional)

NFT Upgrade

√ (high-level)

√ (normal)

NFT Repair

√ (high-level)

√ (normal)

NFT Wrap

√ (high rarity)

√ (noram rarity)

Restore NFT Vitality Value

Global GreenPower Ecosystem Payment

Governance Voting Rights

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